The Circular Economy 100 (CE100) Network provides a pre-competitive space to learn, share knowledge, and build new collaborative approaches.

Most global businesses understand that in order to remain competitive, a circular economy must feature in their strategy. Success requires significant individual effort but serious actors also acknowledge the necessity to work collectively to build new markets.

The CE100 network facilitates market making by providing collaborative and pre-competitive opportunities which bring together business, innovators, cities and governments, universities, and thought leaders.

CE100 Acceleration Workshop Oakland 2018
CE100 Acceleration Workshop Oakland 2018

How does this work?

Acceleration Workshops

Acceleration Workshops provide a pre-competitive space to share knowledge and advance individual agendas. These immersive events are a chance to learn from expert input, build new relationships, and progress collective approaches.


Co.projects are a formal vehicle for collaboration within the CE100. They are by members, for members - meaning they are driven by three or more participating organisations for the collective benefit. Co.projects leverage expertise and resources within the CE100. Knowledge is shared and capabilities are combined to spread the risks and costs that come with investigating new commercial opportunities.

Annual Summit

This high profile event provides a strategic outlook and is an opportunity to engage executives and meet key circular economy actors.

Learning Portfolio

We have an array of professional learning resources & tools developed in-house, and a portfolio of recommended online and residential courses which are delivered by universities and external learning providers.

Become a member

Apply to become a member of the CE100.

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