• Our World is Still Only 9% Circular

    Governments and Businesses are failing to recognise the potential of the circular economy


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  • Beyond Next, the Circularity Festival, Feb 7+8 in Amsterdam

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  • ‘Linear Risks’: Business as usual is a threat to companies and investors

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    Crowdsourcing Circular Solutions for Humanity’s Biggest Challenges

    Circle Economy launches Circle Lab, an online platform that aims to mobilise a global community of

    cities, businesses, and citizens to solve universal challenges with circular solutions.

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    Five Ways the Circular Economy Can Help Mitigate Climate Change

    Current climate solutions can deliver only part of the reductions needed to limit worldwide temperature rises to no more than 1.5C.

    Here are five ways the implementation of the circular economy can help close the gap.

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Latest News

  • Getting Circular Business Ready for Investors

    October 01, 2019

    Circle Economy launches The Product-as-a-Service Question Kit The circular economy offers great business opportunities. In 2015 McKinsey and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimated that it could even generate a net economic benefit of 1.8 trillion in Europe by 2030. But, the circular economy can never lift off without businesses putting the concept into action. And with innovative circular companies like Product-as-a-Service Models (PaaS) struggle to find financing, this remains a big barrier. On the other

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  • Unlocking financial opportunities in Circular Economy

    September 30, 2019

    The Coalition Circular Accounting (CCA) brings knowledge partners together to co-create solutions in overcoming the barriers to transition from a linear to a circular economy. In order to better reflect the financial reality of circular companies, it is vital to adjust existing economic principles and reporting rules. The CCA, co-financed by Nederland Circulair, is a collaboration between Circle Economy, NBA, Dura Vermeer, ABN AMRO, KPMG, Province of Overijssel and scientists affiliated with Erasmus University, Open

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  • Report Launch: 7.5% of Belgian jobs are circular

    September 19, 2019

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  • Building a circular construction sector is hard, but it is happening

    September 17, 2019

    The construction sector consumes 42 billion tonnes of resources annually, making it the most material-intensive sector. The construction sector also produces about one-third of all global waste, most of which is not recycled or reused, but ends up in landfills. This is a known problem faced by actors across the industry value chain. Changing one of the largest industries in the world is no easy feat, but change is already happening.  Circle Economy has teamed

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  • The circular economy landing in Central Asia

    July 25, 2019

    Almaty is the world’s first Central Asian City to identify circular economy opportunities. A resource metabolism scan uncovers how Almaty can use circular economy strategies to shape its future as an international trading hub at the intersection of Europe and Asia.  Almaty in Kazakhstan is the first city in Central Asia to identify circular economy opportunities. The city commissioned an international consortium — Shifting Paradigms, Circle Economy, Centre for Sustainable Production and Consumption (CSPC), FABRICations

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  • Cities play a pivotal role in attracting circular economy jobs

    June 28, 2019

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    June 26, 2019

    Circle Economy has announced an updated participation offer for brands and retailers who wish to join the Cotton Recycling Pilot, a 12-14 month project designed to address barriers to the use of post-consumer recycled cotton and increase supply chain experience with circular textiles. Circle Economy and Recover will bring together supply and demand to establish a mutual understanding of the capabilities and limitations of post-consumer recycled cotton. This update expects to enable brands and retailers

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  • Circle Economy adapts methodology of global circularity metric for nation states

    June 20, 2019

    Austria is first nation to measure Circularity Gap Amsterdam, June 19th 2019 – Circle Economy and Alstoff Recycling Austria (ARA) today announce the release of Circularity Gap Report Austria, the first measure of circularity for a nation state. This landmark report paves the way for nations to lead the transition from a linear economy of Take-Make-Waste to a circular economy. The analysis, commissioned by ARA, found a circularity rate for Austria of 9.7%, ahead of

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  • The Amsterdam City Doughnut: Creating a Thriving City for a Thriving Planet

    June 19, 2019

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  • How Prague can boost innovation through circularity

    June 06, 2019

    Amsterdam, 6 June 2019 The first Circle City Scan in the Czech Republic provides a visual roadmap to kick-start Prague’s circular transition. Today, 6 June 2019, Circle Economy and INCIEN launch Circular Prague, a visual roadmap that identifies the strategies that are best positioned to kick-start the Czech capital’s transition towards a circular economy. The collaborative Circle City Scan process has highlighted the potential to promote circular lifestyles in ReUse Hubs, using public procurement, boost

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  • Textile Exchange and Reblend join Cotton Recycling Pilot

    May 22, 2019

        Both knowledge partners will contribute valuable knowledge and insights to the pilot aimed to improve and accelerate the uptake of post-consumer recycled cotton. Textile Exchange is the global non-profit for industry transformation in preferred fibers, integrity and standards and responsible supply networks. ReBlend is a circular textiles and fashion label and change agency to accelerate the transition to textiles with positive impact. The Cotton Recycling Pilot is a 12-14 month project designed to

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  • Circle Economy and Fashion for Good join forces to enable circular business models

    May 02, 2019

    Amsterdam, 2 May 2019 – Today, Circle Economy​ announces the strategic partnership of​ ​Fashion for Good​, the global initiative to make all fashion good, with its Switching Gear project. The initiative aims ​to accelerate re-commerce and rental business models in the apparel industry. The project will work with 6 brands on a circular innovation process that will help them to design and launch these new types of business model pilots by 2021. Through this partnership,

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  • Innovators Launch Circular Business Administration Platform

    April 11, 2019

    A Community of Practice (CoP) led by Circle Economy, the Amsterdam-based circular economy group, and Sustainable Finance Lab, the network for sustainable finance, launch an open infrastructure pilot project to reduce the administrative burden on product-as-a-service businesses. The decentralised digital Circular Service (CISE) platform has been developed by a specially convened Community of Practice (CoP) in collaboration with Bundles, Rabobank, Allen & Overy, ABN AMRO, ING Bank, DLL, and Leystromen, with the support of Nederland

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  • Circular Brands

    October 08, 2019

    The Circular Brands Workshop brings together the world of strategic innovation consulting and creative brand building. Where the common understanding and analysis of circularity starts from the supply chain perspective, Circular Brands makes marketing, branding and consumer culture the starting point for circular opportunities. The power of brands! We live in an era of creativity, where we can redesign everything from the ground up – including how we do business. Brands have the power to

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